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cadillac oneCadillac oneMobil Barack Obama presidency which has been waiting observers of the automotive world, finally premiering on inauguration day Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

It is the Cadillac One, the product of General Motors (GM) Cadillac specially designed to protect the United States number one in his official daily activities.

Limousine commonly called The Beast has a special specification like war tanks to protect the life of Obama. Although the U.S. Secret Service did not initially launch Cadillac One detail to the public for security reasons, but eventually opened to the public. What kind of advantages? Here's the picture:

Armed with the framework of medium-sized trucks and reinforced with Kevlar and 5-inch-thick metal under the car bomb and grenade-resistant.

The combination of exterior Cadillac STS and DTS. Made of hardened steel, titanium, aluminum and painted ceramics to withstand the attack of metal piercing bullets.

Plated steel, 8-inch-thick bullet-proof and has a weight equal to the door of Boeing 757 aircraft. The driver's door penetrating bullet-resistant metal (armor-piercing bullets) and can only be opened a maximum width of 3 inch for security reasons, and allows the driver to pay a toll ticket or speak with the presidential guard beside them.

Specially trained by the CIA in dealing with any critical security situation.

Standard, but the dashboard features GPS tracking and communications centers.

Back room
Capacity of 4 people with bulletproof glass partition. Only Obama has a switch opening. Window size larger than the previous presidential car. Got a "Panic Button" if there are security problems.

Information Technology
Computers equipped with Wi-Fi access, satellite phones that have a direct connection to the Vice President and the Pentagon.

Gas tank
Equipped with a barrier layer collisions and a special foam to prevent explosion of the tank, although a direct hit and fire.

Reinforced with Kevlar, resistant to tear and rupture, with reinforcing steel. Allow cars to run in full speed, in any tire conditions.

Hold Oxygen supply and firefighting.

Defense equipment
Equipped with a shotgun, night-vision, and tear gas cannons. There was a tube containing the blood of the President, if needed emergency blood transfusion.

Flag of the United States and the Presidency there on the front fender with LED feature to highlight the flag at night.

Engines & Fuel Consumption
6500cc diesel. Maximum speed of 60 miles per hour (96 km / h).
Fuel consumption is about 8 miles per gallon.


Fuel restrictions would not hamper the car market.
Car sales next year is believed will continue to rise this year because of revenue compared to Indonesia's population will also increase. See Toyota Vitz 2011 Toyota Yaris Specifications New Latest Model 2011 Toyota Vitz and Advanced Fuel Efficient Toyota Avanza Latest Price Info 2011 Update List Price Mobil Avanza.

In addition, revenues increased population will also bring another effect that is the transition from family vehicles to the vehicle a more personal but still fuel efficient.

"Although not so much, but the transition was definitely there. Hatchback will be enthused by the owners of MPV," said President Director of PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) in the year-end gathering at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

That's according to Horigome is a very simple logic, when someone already has a family car that can use anything and able to accommodate more passengers, he would have to find another car that shows more personal side and therefore he was confident next year will be more popular Mazda2 by Indonesian consumers.

For that, Horigome was ready with the construction plan at least five dealers left in the year 2011 in various areas particularly in Greater Jakarta.

The addition of this new dealership will fulfill the number of Mazda dealerships in Indonesia to 30 pieces after this year also build 5 new dealers with investment funds of around Rp 150 billion.

In the year 2011, Japanese manufacturers are targeting will be able to sell 7,000 units in cars all over Indonesia.

The number is forecast to increase from their acquisition in the year 2010 which will reach 6,000 units and increase dramatically from their sales in 2009 of only 1542 units of the car.

"Next year will be increased, perhaps to 7000," he said.