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HAMANN has released the details and photos of its latest project - Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren’s. Featuring new side skirt attachments and sheathings, HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren also comes with a rear diffuser, a new bonnet, front and rear wing extensions.
Powered by a 5.4 liters V8 engine, this superb sports cars may develops 626 hp and 780 Nm of torque.
HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren manages to get from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and reach its top speed up to 348 km/h with this modified engine.
With these results, HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren is 11 km/h faster than the SLR 722 special edition, and 14 km/h faster than the standard version.
Unfortunately, HAMANN has not released the information about Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren price.
Press Release
The serial Mercedes-Benz SLR is already one of the most impressive cars on our roads – but compared to the HAMANN VOLCANO it still looks rather harmless. Once again, HAMANN-Motorsport proves its cutting edge when it comes to refining superb sports cars. From a lift-reducing body design to a powerful performance enhancement to a lavishly styled interior, HAMANN focuses on all components of this luxury car and makes the automobile dreams of its exclusive clientele come true.
HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren Pic
The total makeover of the Laupheim-based refiner is made of extremely light full carbon and consists of front- and rear wing extensions and also new side skirt attachments and sheathings. The front view of the Volcano is optically perfected with a newly designed bonnet which enhances the overall impression by its integrated hood scoop. But also for the rear, the refining technicians implemented new ideas giving the SLR appearance its finishing touch. Under the boot lid cover, HAMANN placed a strong diffuser which improves the car’s output in combination with the large rear wing. At the front axle, a newly developed front spoiler renders the necessary contact pressure. If desired, an especially developed overall paint for the VOLCANO in either aluminum/chrome or white/matt completes the striking appearance of this bolide.
HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren
The 21-inch rims named EDITION RACE with tires measuring 255/30ZR21 at the front and 345/25ZR21 at the back render an optimal road grip. The design of the extraordinary light forged wheel thereby combines vitality and elegance and also perfectly fills out the wheel houses.
HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren Side
The HAMANN makeover is not only sportive, but also has a lot to offer under the bonnet. The HAMANN motor technicians get the most out of the Mercedes Benz V8-aggregate (5.4 liters, 626 hp, 780 Nm): 700 hp / 515 kW and a maximum torque of 830 Nm at 3,300 crankshaft revolutions per minute. The therefore necessary modifications include a newly programmed control unit, especially developed high performance exhaust manifolds and an amended belt pulley combination for the serial compressors.
HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren Picture
In order to facilitate the increased motor performance, HAMANN adds a second water pump and adjusts the gearbox electronics. Invigorated in this way and with the adequate sound from the six end pipes of the sport exhaust system, the VULCANO accelerates from naught to a hundred in only 3.6 seconds. With a maximum speed of 348 km/h, the serial model.
HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren Image
The HAMANN product even beats the factory-provided performance-enhanced special series SLR 722 by impressive 11 km/h.
HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren Front
A skillfully refined interior is waiting for the VOLCANO-pilot and also the exterior does not rank behind. The overall makeover contains pedals and foot rests in aluminum as well as noble door sill protectors and headrests with embossed embroidered HAMANN-Logos. They can also be found on the exclusive floor mats.
HAMANN Volcano Mercedes SLR McLaren Back
The overall makeover can be enhanced with a HAMANN interior set containing custom-made carbon parts for the dashboard and center console. If desired, also the roof interior, all pillars, the cockpit including the steering wheel and the sun visors can hereby be adjusted in terms of color. Therefore, HAMANN solely uses the high-quality material Alcantara.

Edo Lamborghini Murcielago Audigier
Edo Competition revealed the fastest Lamborghini ever made in cooperation with Christian Audigier, a designer that almost everyone knows. The guys from Edo Competition improved the car’s engine, aerodynamics, wheels, exhaust system and interior. Thanks to Audigier’s imagination, the matte black paint of the Edo LP710 has been restyled and he also redesigned the car’s interior.

Stangpede Ford Mustang

Stangpede Ford Mustang
This Ford Mustang will appear in Fast and Furious 4. The car has a Saleen 550 HP supercharger engine under the hood which sounds impressive, a new body kit which was slightly modified and the finishing touch was installing lambo doors. Probably the most important fact about this modified car is that the guys from Stangpede turned this ride from a stock into show car in just 6 hours.

The Red Devil Audi R8

The Red Devil Audi R8
With this great red color and agressive look it surely deserves it’s nickname, “The Red Devil“. This car could compete with any other car when it comes to looks and performances. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds and even though it’s maximum speed is just 252 km/h this ride would impress anyone watching it.

Mansory SLR Renovatio

Mansory SLR Renovatio
The car has received the name “Renovatio” which means rebirth in english. This lovely SLR got an entirely new look after Mansory added a lot of design elements made by them. In the exterior, the car’s design was modified by adding new carbon fiber elements that gives the car a more agressive look and will also improve the car’s handling a bit because the car’s weight is lower now.


They guys from JE Design made a lot of improvements for this ride. They created a wide body kit, installed LSD Doors and 18″ rims painted with the same color as the car. They modified this car’s engine to deliver 244 HP at a maximum torque of 355 Nm and now this Seat Leon could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds.

This is new looing based on latest technology bat mobile SoCal auto car and this is not more expensive you are easily afford I mean easily affordable bat mobile SoCal auto car but used acesserious the design bat mobile SoCal auto car is more expensive so I can say this auto car is representing best future just like best power engine, best disk break, best luxury seat etc.
And this bat mobile SoCal auto car is no top secret that Southern California is house to single of best auto car culture in world. You just analysis a cruise or auto car is show beautiful greatly in different day of the year and bat mobile SoCal auto car is show the forever wonderful to see auto wheels that show up. And this bat mobile SoCal auto car is an unbelievable to see kind of auto car that are basically out and about performing normal. In count to normal Ferraris and Porsches and can now and then catch some really single auto car out in wild. And this bat mobile SoCal auto car is the fourth of four unique Bat mobiles built by George Barris reverse in 1966 and is standard as version because of this auto car is a 427ci Holman and Moody V8 under hood and dual parachutes friendly to back.

Many of the luxurious car models are launch everyday in market but now here is once again Ferrari introduces its latest Golden Enzo spotted model car in Europe. This is the most luxurious model with smart functionality and a great design it has includes excellent features. Whether the Enzo has in fact been painted gold or just covered is still not known.
This is the new generation of amazing gold painted Ferrari model car it has internal features it is totally air-conditioning also its seat is smooth you feel comfort its wheels are also running smoothly you can drive this car anywhere easily it�s a fantastic offer of Ferrari.
Chromed-out super cars are all the temper, and not all of them look that bad, but the further visually scratchy gold has so distant been limited to a few Mercedes models spotted in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In market there are also Mercedes benz model is available with latest version.
Golden Ferrari Enzois the newest from of luxury car its designs and shape looks attractive it has also excellent engine power. In market I have seen many other gold painted cars but Ferrari is one of the best car this gold painted model looks unique and attractive it looks so impressive!

That is luxury Ralph Lauren BUGATTI auto car are providing very coolest and based on latest high advance technology and this Ralph Lauren BUGATTI auto car is more expensive because manufacturing acesserious is very costly, actually whole acesserious for this Ralph Lauren BUGATTI auto car is based on latest conceptual technology.
And this Ralph Lauren BUGATTI auto car 57 SC Atlantic will headline typical cars assemble for yearly Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este. And this Ralph Lauren BUGATTI auto car is showing more advance and conceptual advance reliable future just like ULTRA RARE coupe and smooth rarer than type 57 Atalante newly unearth from a garage in England, is single of simply 3 constantly built, and will be impending back to Europe for the primary period in 18 years. And this individual look of individual BUGATTI will help MARQUE celebrate its 100th anniversary in this year and show in 80th. And this luxury Ralph Lauren BUGATTI auto car is looking very sexy and interior design is very conceptual and based on latest technology, so I can say that is very luxury and much reliable future just like comfort, power disk break, power engine and many more advance future is include this luxury Ralph Lauren BUGATTI auto car.

Car tuners have created their best respective place in international car market and it�s proved because now a days these car tuners are in big demand and their tuned cars are getting much more response comparison to the cars made by any branded company actually car tuners gives very impressive look and modifies the features of cars and provides desired feature what a car owner desire, I think due to this reason their requirement is increasing.
UK Garage is the world�s famous tuner and this Italian tuner is very familiar for its extra-ordinary working capability and it has been presented many of its cars previously and all its cars have satisfied its owners and now to be in its present position it exposed its latest Lotus Extrema having mind-blowing look and all its excellent features must impress you.
This new impressive car of UK Garage gets excellent arrangement of its engine area which is 2.6-litre among 360hp (265kW) by 2.8-litre produce 450hp (331kW) plus 560hp (412kW) 3.4-litre don�t think its so heavy total weight of these three engine is only 95 Kg and the total weight of this car is only 750kg.
Due to powerful engine of Lotus Extrema this car can easily achieve 100km/h in just 2.8 seconds and its maximum speed is 320km/h and to provide it lightweight quality aluminum chassis has been used and it�s suggested price by UK Garage is �66,000 taxes included.

As a good portion of Speedhunters readers are partial to machines from the land of the rising sun, one of our goals at Speed Week was to collect images of all the Japanese cars at the event. Although Bonneville is very much the stronghold of American evolved rods, lakesters and muscle machines, Japanese cars do have a reasonable presence at the event.
So I knew I was on to a winner when I spotted this red S13 in the startline area of the Salt flats a few days ago.

Look though at what’s under the hood!…. What is it?

Fluorescent Fitment

If you’ve been in the wheel game for awhile, then you’re no stranger to fluorescent fitment. From the tracks to the streets, fluorescent fitment can be found on many of the popular chassis such as the Silvia/200sx/240sx series and even on Subies. Though some may not get the color pop look, I think it looks rad. It looks even better when the color ways match. Check out some of the cars fitting the fluorescent fitment.


As a Bonneville newbie, one item that’s become clear to me is that the chassis and engine selection for a land speed record car are two very separate and distinct choices for any car builder. Most competitors combine the engine and the chassis in order to enter what appears to be hundreds of different classes. Often a builder will try and find an overlooked class, build a special car and go for the record. People may even show up at Bonneville with more than one engine in order to set multiple records with one chassis.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Our good friend Dino Dalle Carbonare has been a busy man as ever. A little while ago he shot Naoto Suenaga’s 2008 S13 Silvia here at Ebisu. Full Feature on

What up Guys! So after a long year of battling it out with the crazy machines and drivers that make Formula D, I am really pumped to get back behind the wheel of my MADBUL 4rotor FD RX7 and swap some paint with my kiwi pals. D1NZ is set to be bigger than ever for 2010-11 with a summer schedule that is conveniently during the off season in the USA. This means I will be competing all year and have enjoyed a whole year of summer! Jealous Much??

"Pro Drift Car of the Year saw you guys and girls throw your support behind Team Need for Speed. Matt Powers and his S14 claimed second place, with Mad Mike Whiddett's Mazda RX-8 taking the main award."

Porsche month on Speedhunters is long over. So why would I decide to write a story about one of Japan's most influential Porsche builders, and have the aggressive wheel lip and stunningly stylish rear fender of Nakai san's Rauh Welt Porsche as the main leader photo? Because Nakai san isn't just a Porsche guy... his style and his influence has much more effect than you might think. Before I continue too far with this story, I just wanted to point out that all these Rauh Welt shop visit...


News flash: I have just uploaded more high resolution RWB goodness and it's now available in our Desktops section. Have fun trying to choose which one you want!...

When I was living in Japan, Tsukuba Circuit became a bit of a second home for me. It was close by, and featured some of the best car action in the world - paradise for a car crazed dude like myself. Of all the events I've been to at Tsukuba, few have left a bigger impression on me than the Idlers Club races. Idlers is where the internet legend of the Rauh Welt was born and is where you'll find the very best in Japanese automotive culture. When I found out there was going to be an Idlers event during my visit to Japan this month, it was tough to hold back the excitement....

I'm always looking for an excuse to post any car that's undergone the RWB treatment. So when I saw photos of this Bordeaux flat painted 993, knew you guys would love want to see it. Its a totally new car that Nakai San built for one of his customers. Like almost of Rauh Welt built cars it rolls on SSR SP1's but instead of a custom gold finish the owner wanted a color that would suit the purple car. The wheels are wrapped in extra sticky Potenza RE555 tires, I bet it's a real challenge...

You can shop securely for your Volkswagen parts with Parts Train's online store at The Volkswagen OEM parts you need are in stock and ready to be shipped.Volkswagen is the first automaker to offer its customers a factory-fitted automotive communication solution that supports the Bluetooth SIM Access Profile. The Nokia Car Phone with Bluetooth Technology for the VW Passat is set for launch in Europe and Asia in 2nd quarter 2005.
Passat, a car named after the wind, is the latest big thing from Volkwagen. Since its inception, said model has distinguished reputation in the automotive world. The versatile car has won some 20 international prizes. Awards like "iF design" and the "Gelber Engel" from ADAC automobile club, are just few of the awards receive by Passat. With the passage of time and with the breakthroughs that go with it, Volkswagen has designed the newest version of Passat in a way to boggle the desires of car aficionados.
Volkswagen Passat has designed the newest