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NBC is unveiling the new Attack Mode for KITT today at the very large Comic Con convention in San Diego. is covering the reveal of the car live in its forums, but this image has already made its way on the web and confirms that KITT has had his wings sheared. Gone are the various spoilers that cluttered the first version and what remains is a cleaner car with dual side exhausts, a deep chin spoiler that looks pretty heavy duty, an equally strong looking mesh grille, what appears to be rocket launchers where a shaker scoop would go, a still-very-big rear wing, rear air diffuser and new spokeless wheels that were stolen right off of a Bonneville Salt Flats racer. The rear tires are extremely oversized and still manage to poke out from the newly flared fenders. Is it better than the first Attack Mode version of KITT? Yes. That doesn't mean we necessarily like it, though. The Knight Rider fan community seems split as well. Make up your mind in the comments after visiting for over 20 more additional high-res pics of the new Attack Mode KITT.


Honda says that the OSM roadster on display at the 2008 British Motor Show is merely a design study, but given that "design study" is frequently a euphemism for "future design language," we wonder if we're seeing the next iteration of Honda car styling. Frankly, we hope so, because this is worlds better than what we've seen from the automaker of late, from the Accord right on up to the bland and bloated Pilot. The OSM, short for Open Study Model, is a shapely two-seat convertible that we'd be happy to drive today. Well, maybe with headlamps that weren't lightsaber-sized. Other than that, we love the jaunty look, especially in back, where the taillamps sweep gently from one side of the car to the other. Since it's a styling exercise, there's no specific powertrain combination associated with it, but Honda assures us that the car is an indication that lightweight, low-emissions motoring needn't be boring. No kidding, guys. Inside, the cockpit basically evolves the two-tier instrument panel you'll find in the current Civic into a far more attractive driving environment that we hope to see in road cars sooner than later. While Honda says there's no plan to create a production sport/econo roadster like this anytime soon, somebody's obviously thinking about it. Future S2000 replacement, maybe? "Design studies" such as this don't happen by accident.Honda's low-emission sportscar study model has been revealed at the British International Motor Show, at ExCeL, London. The lightweight roadster design study displays one of Honda's core engineering principles – to design stylish and exciting cars that are also environmentally responsible. Named the OSM (for Open Study Model), the two-seater joins the confirmed-for-production CR-Z sports hybrid and FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car on the Honda stand at the show. "We're trying to show that low emission cars can be attractive," says Andreas Sittel, Project Leader for OSM. "There is no reason why a car that's more environmentally friendly can't look great too – and be sporty and fun to drive." The concept for the project was 'Clean and Dynamic' – and this direction was followed for both the exterior and interior design, ensuring a joined-up, consistent 'language' between the two. One example of this can be seen at the rear of the car, where the body actually extends into the cabin between the seats. The exterior design is a balance of smooth, rounded curves and sharp lines to provide definition in key areas. The headlights are cleverly integrated into the front end, stretching from the nose to the top of the wheel arches to look more like a part of the original body. Inside, this uninterrupted, fluid approach is continued, with long sweeping curves extending from both door panels to form a frame for the instrument display. The concept for the dashboard was to avoid creating the traditional block of 'heavy' colour and material in front of the driver; in keeping with the clean and lightweight theme. For that reason, the dash is broken into sections, with the most important instruments in direct line-of-sight of the driver. Key information is displayed in a rounded, enclosed central binnacle, with levels and figures in bright blue on a black background. This matches the trim inside the car, with the seats and door furniture trimmed in a new, gloss-effect blue leather, accompanied by white leather sections, in line with the exterior body colour, a one-off paint called Mystic Pearl. The driver's main controls and functions are distributed in an intuitive layout, close at hand on a panel that curves downwards to the right of the driver. A centrally-mounted semi-sequential gear-shift points towards a fun-to-drive transmission, along with paddle shifts either side of the steering wheel. Integrated into the gearshifter itself is a red ignition 'start' button, which reinforces the sporty direction of the car. The Honda OSM was designed by Honda's R&D facility in Offenbach, Germany. It's the latest example of the young talent being developed within Honda's design studios in Europe – following the Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept (Geneva 2007) and the Accord Tourer Concept (Frankfurt 2007). At present, the Honda OSM is a design study model, and there are no plans for it to enter production.

Lotus unveils the Evora

Project Eagle has finally been unveiled today at the 2008 British Motor Show as the Evora, and Lotus is beaming over its little eaglet. The Evora will be the most grown up and accessible Lotus in the British manufacturer's lineup. To illustrate, the automaker claims it will fit two American males in the front seats (did they just call us fat?). It's a mid-engine, 2+2 coupe (a convertible is planned) with 3.5L V6 sourced from Toyota but elevated by Lotus above its humble origins to produce 276 horsepower. The car weighs just 2,976 lbs., which might be a lot for a Lotus but is well below the average weight of most cars. The interior is unlike any you've seen from this automaker, which is to say that occupying one won't be like staying in a hostel compared to a four-star hotel. You've got leather all around, a nav system, and Lotus promises ingress and egress have been vastly improved over its other models.

The Evora will be built on a new assembly line at the company's assembly plant in Hethel, England at the rate of 2,000 annually, but has been designed to meet safety and emissions requirements around the world. That many cars for so many markets means the Evora will be exclusive, although we don't expect Lotus to leave money on the table if there's big demand for its new, softer, more accessible sports car. Other vehicles will also eventually be built on the Evora's new aluminum chassis, which is called the Versatile Vehicle Architecture (VVA) and was first seen on the Lotus APX Concept. It can be stretched, widened and carry a vehicle weighing over 4,000 lbs. One new Lotus is enough for now, though, as we try to wrap our heads around a Hethel-based car with creature comforts.

2010 Chevy Camaro - Official Details and Images

You've waited long enough, so let's dispense with the pleasantries and get right down to the hard facts.

  • Three models - LS, LT, SS
  • LS and LT come with 3.6L direct-inject V6 (300 hp/273 lb-ft)
  • SS six-speed manual comes with 6.2L LS3 V8 (422 hp/408 lb-ft)
  • SS six-speed automatic comes with new 6.2L L99 V8 (400 hp/395 ft-lb) and Active Fuel Management
  • 3.6L DI V6 gets 26 mpg highway
  • 6.2L V8 with automatic gets 23 mpg highway
  • RS appearance package available on LT and SS (includes HID headlamps with integrated halo rings, spoiler, specific taillamps and 20-inch wheels)
  • Front and rear independent suspension
  • FE2 suspension for LS and LT, sportier FE3 for SS
  • Four-wheel disc ABS standard, SS gets four-piston Brembo calipers
  • SS model gets adjustable Competitive/Sport mode for stability control and Launch Control on manual models
  • Available 18-,19- and 20-inch wheels
You can read Chevy's full press release after the jump and browse the official, full-size image collection in the gallery below. Stay tuned for our post of live coverage from our team on the ground.

GM design chief Ed Welburn and Chevy General Manager Ed Peper just gave the media our first up close and in person look at the new 2010 Chevy Camaro coupe. The reveal was done in the mechanical prep shop that GM design uses for the final prep on all its concept cars. Peper announced that Job 1 for the new Camaro will be coming on Feb. 16 of next year, and although no official pricing is available yet it will be priced aggressively says GM brass. That aggression goes right along with the new looks and powertrain choices for this new coupe, as well. Chevrolet will offer the Camaro in 3 trim levels, the V6-powered LS and LT and the V8-powered SS. The V6 is a direct injected 300-hp 3.6L unit while the 422-hp V8 displaces 6.2L. Both engines will be available with either manual or automatic transmissions, all with 6 speeds. An RS package will be available as an add-on to to the LT and SS models. GM designers have stayed remarkably faithful to the concept design, although they have made some tweaks mainly to the roofline. The car really looks handsome in person with its short front overhang and big wheels. They're wheeling the car outside so we're in pursuit to get more pictures in the sunlight and we'll have our own video the reveal up soon, as well. Stay tuned and check out the gallery of live shots we assembled so far below or visit this post for all the official specs and images.

honda phanthom

Honda Phantom is an example of Japan's classic style motorcycle. It has already succeed sold in some country such as Thailand in South East Asia.
Harley Davidson indeeds became one of American greatest legend with it's classic style motorcycle. But, it doesn't mean that no other country has classic bike. Japan is an example.

Honda Phantom - Thailand

Honda Phantom is the most popular big motorbike in Thailand and chosen as favorite touring bike. Built under license here in Thailand they are tough bikes, ultra reliable with a very good turn of speed and above all very comfortable to ride. Also, in the very unlikely event of mechanical failure they can be repaired almost anywhere in Thailand.

The Honda Phantom
With electric start, single cylinder, four stroke engines with six gears and a top speed of 155 km/h. Tubeless tires, alloy wheels, front and rear disc brakes and crash bars are some of the features. With a long wheelbase they will give you a comfortable ride on Thai highways.

Crazy Car Mods

Custom Car Show  Modification
Take a look at the Lexus LF-A with transparent acrylic shell. It was shown at some car show, for display only obviously. But if there’s a universal acrylic shell in production, that will be great, you will see glowing cars on road at night.
Check it out this Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren fully built in White Gold (Dubai Registration).
Transparent Gadgets Attack
Shiny Lamborghini Murcielago
Ford Mustang GT modif with Combat Aircraft Concept

Airbrush Car Modfication
Airbrush Car Modfication
Mazda MX6 Modif With Scissor Door

Airbrush Car Modfication
Airbrush Car Modfication

Cool Limousines
Cool Limousines