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Smartest Cars For Seniors

Smartest Cars For Seniors

Unlike the makers of Geritol or Depends, automakers never target the senior market with their products. "Bunkie" Knudsen, the man credited with transforming GM's Pontiac division from a tired, dull brand of the 1950s into GM's excitement division during the 1960s is reported to have said, "You can sell an old man a young man's car, but you can't sell a young man an old man's car."

This axiom proved so accurate that nearly every manufacturer AOL approached for this story prefaced their comments by saying, "We don't market cars for old people."

What automakers do market, however, are vehicles engineered with physical characteristics that -- either by design or coincidence -- accommodate individuals with restricted mobility and reduced visual acuity. We find that's important not only for older people, but drivers of all ages.