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In September of 2010, Fiat's U.S. arm announced that the special allotment of five hundred Fiat 500s to come to America, called the "Prima Edizione", were all sold out to the Italian firm's fans. Well, it seems that at least one of the buyers was more of a fan of the almighty dollar than anything else as the owner listed the collector-edition Fiat 500 Prima Edizione for sale on eBay as soon as it landed on the lot.

The specific model is finished in white (the other two available colors for this edition were red and grey) and comes with an optional sunroof. The car is located in Florida and the 'Buy it Now' price on eBay is a hefty $29,870, or about twice as much as the basic, non-special edition Fiat 500. We should note that the eBay seller has not uploaded any photos of the car that's said to be No35 out of the 500 built for America.